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The Basics of Biochar

Mar 1, 2024/Jul 31, 2024

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Many people talk about biochar, and it has become a “buzzword” in contemporary society because of the demand for circularity and sustainability. Both industry professionals and university students need to comprehend the basics of biochar so that they can apply the knowledge in their respective careers. This course suits anyone working or studying within the areas such as environment, energy, and materials. After passing the course, students will receive a certificate from Luleå University of Technology and European Biochar Initiative (EBI).



Target audience: Industry professionals from biomass utilisation, waste valorisation, biochar production, and renewable energy companies (both government and private). The course is also suitable for second and third cycle studies i.e., masters and doctorate level studies, respectively. 

Pre-knowledge: The course requires fundamental and basic knowledge in chemistry and physics obtained from bachelor-level degrees/courses.

Course content: The purpose of the course is to give participants basic knowledge, equivalent to 40 hours of study (1.5 credits), about the general aspects of biochar i.e., production, properties, and high-tech applications. The course will highlight biochar production routes, pyrolysis reaction mechanisms, biochar's intrinsic properties, and how biochar can be engineered to enhance the performance properties of materials and structures. The course will also have short lectures (akin to Instagram reels or YouTube shorts) from various biochar experts, across the globe.

How the course will be conducted: This is a digital self-study course that can be started at any time and by anyone who registers for the course. The teaching will be via recorded lectures and the module will contain automatically corrected quizzes. Participants can book discussion meetings with the teacher. Hence, the participants have autonomy in their own learning with supervision and feedback from the teacher. The final oral examination dates can be booked through the course website. Participants who have passed the course will be awarded a certificate, with university credits.

To pass the course you need to understand and remember the production pathways of biochar by describing the various thermo-chemical conversion reactions. Analyse the basic properties of biochar by comparing them to classify different types/qualities of biochar. Evaluate and select appropriate applications of biochar in environmental, energy, and material fields based on biochar’s specific properties.

Presentation of the teacher: Oisik Das, who will be teaching this course, has a strong background in biochar through a master’s degree from Washington State University (USA), a PhD from the University of Auckland (New Zealand), a postdoc from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), and as a faculty at Luleå University of Technology (Sweden). Oisik Das is one of the first people in the world to add biochar to materials in 2014 during his PhD at the University of Auckland. Oisik has published numerous novel articles on various aspects of biochar. Some unique aspect of his biochar research is the use of nanoindentation and fire testing. Oisik has 10 years of teaching experience in Sweden, New Zealand, India, and Singapore.

The course is suitable for second and third cycle studies i.e., masters and doctorate level studies, respectively.

Start date:
Study time in hours:
40 h
Course format:
50 st
4000 SEK
Last date to register: 2024-02-01
LTU reserves the right to cancel the course if there are too few participants.